Quantum Entanglement

from by Glen Raphael

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This song is based on the Many Worlds interpretation of Quantum Mechanics which is a theory in which every possible universe exists. That means if you make a choice and could have done something else, some other version of you makes that other choice in some other universe.

This is either a love song about physics or a physics song about love.


Every little decision splits us in two
There must be a million worlds we've been through
Before I go, there's something that you ought to know
Most of me are happy with you
I mull this over at home in the bath
Every choice we make creates a new path
Smarter men than any of me
Tell us there must be worlds we agree
That's not a metaphor; they did the math

This quantum entanglement
Spooky action at a distance
Whole worlds of possibility
There is only one I see

You know I love you, but also I don't
And I will love you forever, but also I won't
I'm sure most versions of me
Love almost every version of you
There are worlds we're here for every one we're through

This quantum entanglement
Spooky action at a distance
Whole worlds of possibility
You're the only one I see

In the world beyond Neils Bohr
What are decisions for?
Do they change anything?
What will our future bring?

We have a moment; with luck it might last
All our action's reactions are now in the past
This much is true as anything any of me ever knew:
Most of me are happy with you


from Lady Liberty, released August 1, 2012




Glen Raphael New York, New York

Glen Raphael is a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter who performs songs on such nerdy and diverse topics as quantum physics, bedbugs, and the Statue of Liberty's mid-life crisis. Glen has won Best Original Song awards at NCSA events and is the current organizer of the New York City Folk Music Meetup. ... more

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